The Coalition’s Mission

Uniting organizations to work passionately to end international parental kidnapping of children through advocacy and public policy reform. Our vision is a world where children are safe from international kidnapping by a parent.


Coalition Partner Organizations

Bring Abducted Children Home

Bring Abducted Children Home is dedicated to the immediate return of internationally abducted children who are being wrongfully detained in Japan. We also strive to end Japan's human rights violation of denying children unfettered access to both parents.

Bring Our Kids Home

Bring Our Kids Home Our is a parent-led organization advocating for the prompt return of abducted American children, wrongfully retained in India, and seeking a long-term, legal mechanism between the U.S. and India to combat future international parental child abductions.

iStand Parent Network

iStand Parent Network empowers parents to recover their children from international parental child abduction and wrongful retention and advocates for domestic and international policy reform that returns children home.

Children at Borders

The mission of Children at Borders is to advocate for the safety, well-being and the best interests of American children who are abducted from a parent while traveling internationally.  


End Abductions Now!


Jerry's Army


Stop Exit